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Bio-Rad GS-525 Screen Eraser

GS-525 Screen Eraser
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Bio-Rad GS-525 Screen Eraser remove any residual signals from the screenphosphor prior to exposure to a sample. The complete erasure process accomplishes "zeroing"or "blanking" the screen. Erasing the screen to the basal level is critical because this affectsthe sensitivity, linear response range, quantitation, exposure time, and image quality generatedby the entire system. Ground level for the erased screen is defined as signal that is 0.1 meancount above the scanner's background noise, which is the level obtained by performing a scanwithout a screen in the scanner. Typically, 10–20 minutes erasure is sufficient for "blanking"the screen. The eraser removes the signal on the screen by illuminating the entire screen withinfrared light. This light is produced by filtering the output of a set of incandescent light bulbsto block visible wavelengths. The GS-525 Screen Eraser can be used with both small format (20 x 25 cm) and largeformat (35 x 43 cm) Imaging Screens. The GS-505 Screen Eraser can only be used with thesmall format (20 x 25 cm). The front door is opened by pressing on and releasing the fingericon (Figure 2.4). The screen is then inserted into this opening. The front door prevents roomlight from leaking into the eraser and exposing the screen. Thus, the door must be closedimmediately after inserting the screen.


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