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Agilent Technologies 7000 GC/MS Triple Quad with 7890 GC and 7693 Autosampler

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Category: Gas Chromatography

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Agilent Technologies 7000 GC/MS Triple Quad with 7890 GC and 7693 Autosampler

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The Agilent 7000 GC/MS Triple Quad with 7890GC and 7693 Autosampler basic components of the instrument are: the frame/cover assemblies, the vacuum system, the GC/MS interface, the ion source, the electronics, the collision cell, the detector, and the front and rear analyzers. The system is configured with a 7890 GC.  The 7693A replaces the industry-leading 7683B with a completely new design to help users process samples faster while generating better data. It's modular, letting users configure the exact autosampler they need. The self-aligning "plug and play" injector mounts quickly without tools, and can be moved from one inlet to another, or even between GCs to accommodate changes in workloads and facilitate inlet maintenance.

***2010 Model***

- One split flow turbomolecular vacuum pump
- Rotary vane foreline pump
- Independently MS heated ion source
- Chemical and electron-ionization modes available (PCI/NCI/EI)
- Two independently MS heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filters
- Single hexapole collision cell
- High-energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier detector
- Independently GC heated GC/MS interface
- Independently GC controlled collision cell gas flows
- High sensitivity electronic upgrades for the EI source and HED available
- Local control panel (LCP) for locally monitoring the MS

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