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Bio-Rad GS-800 Calibrated Imaging Densitometer

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Bio-Rad GS-800 Calibrated Imaging Densitometer

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The Bio-Rad GS-800 Calibrated Imaging Densitometer Model PowerLook 2100XL is a high performance, calibrated imaging densitometer that converts transparent and opaque electrophoretic samples into digital data. These data are analyzed with Quantity One® software operating in either Microsoft Windows® or Macintosh® computer systems.

- Adjustable resolution from 36.3 microns to 127.0 microns.
- Reflectance and transmittance.
- Scanning area of 29 cm by 40 cm.
- Sampling rate of up to 700 dots per inch (dpi).
- Stationary platen for higher reliability
- Variable wavelength lamp/filter architecture for improved color discrimination.
- Analog to digital conversion at full 12-bit accuracy.
- Calibrated transmission tablet to ensure accurate OD readings.
- Reflective gray scale tablet to ensure reproducible reflectance values.
- Supported by Quantity One software, which provides versatile image display, optimization, and quantitation features

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