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Bio-Rad GS505 Molecular Imager System

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Bio-Rad GS505 Molecular Imager System

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Bio-Rad GS505 Molecular Imager System with GS-505 Screen Eraser and GS-505 Sample Exposure Platform. 

GS-505 Molecular Imager systems form a versatile system for capturing digital images of radioactive and chemiluminescent samples using a storage phosphor technology. The systems eliminate the need for x-ray film, as well as a darkroom and developing chemicals, by capturing an image on a reusable Imaging Screen. This technology is more accurate and more sensitive than x-ray film autoradiography. Due to the wide linear dynamic range of the Molecular Imager system, radioactive and chemiluminescent samples can be accurately quantitated over a wide range of concentrations. The expanded linear response minimizes the chances of over- or under-exposure commonly encountered with film, where an incorrect exposure affects image quality and quantitation, and requires repeated exposures. In addition, the sensitivity of the Molecular Imager system permits detection of radioisotope signals 10 to 100 times faster than film. For chemiluminescence, this system requires only seconds or minutes of exposure for most applications.

Recommended PC Specifications
Pentium PC
32 megabytes of RAM
1 Gigabyte or larger hard disk
Enhanced 101 keyboard
3.5" floppy disk drive
256 gray level accelerated graphics engine (ATI 8514 Ultra is recommended)
256 gray level color monitor
Windows 3.1 or Windows ’95 or better
Windows compatible mouse
Adaptec SCSI adaptor model 1542XX (required; Bio-Rad catalog number 170-7338)

Recommended Macintosh Specifications
Power Macintosh
40 megabytes of RAM
1 gigabyte or larger hard disk
16" color monitor
Apple Macintosh mouse

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