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Bio-Rad Mini-Prep Cell

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Category: Electrophoresis

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Bio-Rad Mini-Prep Cell

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The Bio-Rad Mini-Prep Cell is designed to purify proteins or nucleic acids from complex mixtures by coninuous-elution electrophoresis. Conventional gel electrophoresis buffer systems and media are used with prep cell. The elution chamber consists of a thin polyethylene frit. A dialysis membrane, directly underneath the elution frit, traps protein within the chamber. Elution buffer enters the chamber around the perimeter of a specially designed gasket. The unique design of the gasket results in an even flow of buffer into the elution frit. Buffer is drawn radially inward to an elution tube in the center of the cooling core. Purified molecules are drawn up through the elution collection tube at the center of the cooling core by a peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump drives separated proteins through a UV monitor to a fraction collector. 


  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Overall size(DxH): 7" x 14"
  • Voltage limit: 500 volts
  • Current limit: 40 millamperes
  • Power limit: 20 watts
  • Cooling buffer flow rate: 100 ml/min
  • Elution buffer flow rate: 60 ml/hour
  • Upper elctrophoresis buffer volume: 300-600 ml
  • Elution buffer chamber volume: 900 ml

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