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MF Digital 9000 Series Scribe PC Model DP2-9104-PC

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MF Digital 9000 Series Scribe PC Model DP2-9104-PC

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The MF Digital 9000 Series Scribe PC Model DP2-9104-PC provides professional-grade automated CD/DVD duplicators with printing in one flexible and affordable footprint (Needs a Keyboard, Video and Mouse). comes equipped with 2,4 or 6 CD/DVD drives, and an intergrated Windows XP PRO based "KVM" PC.Enjoy the full power of a Microsoft XP PRO based system which can be accessed from any desktop PC with exclusive Scribe PC network client. Customize your DVD duplicators to meet your exact needs and experience the simplicity of Stand-Alone setup with the power of PC based operation.

Features Include:
- 2,4 or 6 - CD/DVD Combination Drive
- Unlimited Job Queuing locally or across network
- Can be configured as a Print-Only Station
- 250 to 600 disc spindle capacity (depends on printer selection)
- Accommodates Thermal or Inkjet Printer
- Includes license-free client software for network connectivity - submit, edit or check status of duplicating or print jobs from any computer across your network.
- Features exclusive Relay Mode (copy from multiple masters and change print images with no user intervention).
- True asynchronous CD/DVD Duplicators Equipment (each drive operates and burns independently of the others)
- Intelligent Spindle Select (Scribe PC selects CD or DVD media based on image submitted).

Options Include:
- Configure with Ink Jet printer (Pico Jet)
- Configure with Thermal printer (Prism Plus)
- Automatic MP3 Ripper
- Hard Disk Back up

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