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New Brunswick Scientific Classic C-Line C76 Waterbath Shaker

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New Brunswick Scientific Classic C-Line C76 Waterbath Shaker

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The New Brunswick Scientific Classic C-Line C76 Waterbath Shaker. Mfg. No. M1248-0002 is a ruggedly built controlled-temperature water bath shaker designed for continuous-duty orbital shaking. With a broad speed range from 50 to 300 rpm, the C76 imparts gentle stirring for hybridization and gel staining, and the growth of shear-sensitive cells, as well as vigorous agitation and aeration for intense growth of bacterial cultures. The C76 microprocessor controller compensates automatically for changes in workload and voltage to maintain setpoints and control tolerances for precision.

- Temperature range: Ambient + 7°C to 80°C
- Speed range: 50 to 300 rpm
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 54 x 68 x 47 cm
- Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)

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