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Shimadzu SIL-HTC Autosampler

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Shimadzu SIL-HTC Autosampler

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The Shimadzu SIL-HTc Autosampler is one of the best performing autosampler in sample injection speed, sample capacity and minimizing sample carryover of highly absorbent sample components. Maximizing analysis throughput with fast sample injection and high sample capacity. Injection speed of 15 seconds for injecting samples of 10uL. Sample Injection System: Total sample injection, variable sample injection system (zero sample loss during injection), Settable Range Of Injection Volumes: 0.1 to 100uL (standard), or 1 to 2000uL(option) < (0.1uL steps from 0.1 to 0.9uL, and 1uL steps from 1 to 2000uL).

Sample Processing Capability:
- With 1-mL vials: 350
- With 1.50mL vials: 140
- With 4-mL vials:100
- With micro plates:4 (96 wells: 384, 384 wells: 1536), With deep-well plates: 4 (96 wells: 384, 384 wells: 1536)

- Injection Volume Repeatability: RSD: 0.3% max. (at 10uL injection)
- Cross Contamination: 0.01% max. (for analysis of naphthalene)
- Injection Volume Accuracy: Less than +/-1% (50uL)
- Injection Volume Accuracy Correction: Possible
- Number Of Injections: 1-99 times per sample
- Settting Of Analysis time: 0.01-9999.9 (0.01 to 999.099 minute increments, 0.1 minute increments over 1000min.)
- Number Of Steps For Injection Conditions: Max 102 steps
- Sample Suction Speed: 0.1 - 15uL/sec (0.1uL/s step for 0.1-0.9uL/sec., 1uL/s step for over 1uL/sec.)
- Rinsing Liquid Suction Speed: 1 - 35uL/sec (1uL/s step)
- Maximum Pressure: Max. 20.0Mpa (Standard pipings of sample flowpath is PEEK)

Sample Cooler
- Method: Direct cooling method (at a setting of 4°C, room temperature must be less than 30°C and humidity less than 70%)
- Temperature setting range: 4 to 40° (Cooling down to 4°C for room temperature up to 30°C and humidity up to 70%)
Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 4 to 35°C

System Controller
- Display: LCD with back light (320 x 240 pixels)
- Memory Media: 3.5 inch floppy disk drive, disk (2HD)
- Input/Output Terminals: External start input: 1, Error input: 3, External output(EVENT 1,2,3,4): 4, Output for external control (AC Remote):1, Optical link: (for Chromatopac), 8 (for LC unit control), RS-232C: 1 (for PC connection)
(configuration of condition setting files), No. of analysis file, No. of fraction collector files, Analysis sequence files: 20 files (parameter, time program), 10 files (parameter, time program), 102 steps
- Pump Control: Solvent delivery models: isocratic, high-pressure gradient, low-pressure gradient, constant pressure solvent delivery, Programs: flow volume, pressure, concentration, upper pressure limit, lower pressure limit, linear step, index function (all are multiple steps)
- Autosampler Control: Sample injection volume, number of repeated analyses, analysis time, analysis file unmber, etc
- Column Oven Control: Oven temperature, upper temperature limit
- Detector Control: Detection wavelength, range, time constant, lamp ON/OFF, scanning conditions, etc.
- Self-diagnostic and safety measures: Monitoring abnormalities through checks of memory, upper and lower pressure limits oven temperature upper limit, lamp current and motor speeds
- Operating pH Range: pH: 1 to 14 standard
- Wetted Surface Material: SUS316, PEEK, Ceramics
- Operating Temperature Range: 4 to 35°C
- Operating Humidity Range: up to 70%
- Power Supply: AC100V, 300VA, 50/60Hz
- Size: 540 (W) x 500 (D) x 415 (H) mm
- Weight: 45kg

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