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VWR Carbon Dioxide Multistage Gas Regulator CAT #55850-480

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VWR Carbon Dioxide Multistage Gas Regulator CAT #55850-480

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The VWR Carbon Dioxide Multistage Gas Regulator, CAT #55850-480, is designed for applications where a constant working pressure is important over a wide range of inlet pressures and flow rates. VWR multistage gas regulators feature safe, accurate, and sensitive delivery of reduced pressure. Solderless construction for easy maintenance. Solid forged brass body contains two regulators. First stage reduces full cylinder pressure to 90% for safety. Particulates, tank scale, and rust are eliminated from gas stream with sintered inlet filter. Assembly features include: high-pressure valve, low-pressure valve, intermediate pressure relief valve between the two stages, back cap vent holes, bonnet vent holes, and diaphragm backup plate with burst hole. Neoprene diaphragms. External safety to 250 psig. Regulator damage from contaminants is minimal.

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