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Used Lab Equipment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Used Lab Equipment

Do you sell lab equipment parts?
We only sell whole lab equipment systems to our customers. We don't sell individual lab equipment parts nor do we service equipment that we haven't sold.

How do I know if the lab equipment works?
Prior to shipment, our team of lab equipment service technicians fully service the lab equipment and ensure that everything is operating to manufacturer specifications.

Why don't you list prices?
We have found that other lab equipment vendors were basing their pricing off of our prices because they weren't sure what their inventory was worth. In addition, the lab equipment market is very dynamic and it's easier to simply quote out prices as needed than constantly be editing our website to ensure up to date information.

Are the pictures indicative of the actual equipment I'm buying?
Yes, all of our equipment is photographed individually to ensure that our customers know exactly what they're getting.

What does your guarantee cover?
Any lab equipment covered by our 90-day warranty is guaranteed to function to manufacturer specifications 90 days from the date of delivery. Our team of technical specialists work hard at ensuring that everything ship out works as it should. Our guarantee does not cover consumable items that are designed to be replaced after a certain number of uses.

Are you a middle man?
No, we are not a broker or vendor. We physically stock everything on our website and service it directly before shipping it to you.


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